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Heidi  M.  Lael

Don’t let her youth and beauty fool you!

Oregon native Heidi Lael, has become a local legend in her hometown of Roseburg thanks to her remarkable ability to buy properties in need of some tender loving care (and a lot of elbow grease) and turn them into architectural masterpieces. Add to the mix a cultivated taste for the best wine Oregon has to offer and fine dining and you have the most exciting thing to come to Oregon tourism since the eruption of Mount St. Helen!

However, this single mother’s popularity as a property developer with a keen eye for design and good wine is about to grow far beyond the secluded hills of her quiet Northwestern community.


Five years ago Heidi discovered her greatest investment to date – the historic Parrot House which over looks the southern entrance of Roseburg. A striking Victorian home, The Parrot House rests on 3 acres of plush green land, but for years was sorely in need of repair. Lael’s dream project

Heidi Bio pic.jpg

began with a sledgehammer and a few hundred gallons of paint along with the vision to create the wine version of Kevin Costner’s classic film, “Field of Dreams.”


Indeed, by the time this landmark building is complete, it will morph into a must see Mecca for tourist and wedding planners from around the world who appreciate the best veno and food the state of Oregon has to offer.

A master of many artisan talents, Heidi learned how to refurbish homes including plumbing, electrical, roof and carpentry repair in part by, endless determination, taking classes at Home Depot and a lot of trial by error. Inspired by her world travels, this highly motivated one-woman show quickly began to hone her unique perceptions of home design into works of jaw dropping constructional art.


Even as a teenager growing up in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, Heidi knew she was never going to be content residing in her rural Northwestern community. A desire to see the world a wide-eyed Leal took advantage of her adventurous spirit and discovered a life she never could have imagined. An education far beyond what any university could offer, Heidi would experience both personal joy (the birth of her daughter Tivie) and tragedy (the sudden death of her husband). During her nearly 20-year journey Heidi continued to be influenced by architecture and talented designers from around the world.

By the time Heidi was ready to return home to Oregon, she brought with her a vision with unlimited imagination and desire to use her physical strength and intuition to buy and refurbish breathtaking properties. A relentless ambition to discover, buy and build challenging properties continues to this day. What’s next for this visionary entrepreneur? Just look for the biggest pile of wood with a sexy lady perched on top wearing a tool belt and sporting a wide grin.


When not sawing or hammering, Heidi spends her rare spare time raising her daughter and discovering the newest homegrown grapes.

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